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Sorting through resumes to find possible candidates and conducting interviews can be time consuming and costly. At Express Employment Professionals, we can perform these tasks for your company to ensure you obtain the employees you need. Each potential candidate is evaluated to ensure they have the right qualifications for the position. We also offer several different hiring solutions and services in Memphis and the surrounding areas, including:

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  • Evaluation hire
  • Direct hire
  • Temporary and contract staffing
  • Professional search and contract
  • Flexible staffing
  • On-site services
  • HR services
Express Employment Professionals

Temporary Staffing Solutions

Whether it is to complete a special project or during a busy time in the season, there are times when your company may find itself in need of a few more helping hands for a short period of time. At these times, you may wish to look into temporary staffing. Express Employment Professionals will find employees with the correct qualifications to temporarily fill these positions, allowing you to have the help you need now. During this time, the employees will be on our payroll and will be provided with any benefits that may be required by our company. Contact us today to learn more!