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Express Employment ProfessionalsLooking for a job can be stressful and overwhelming as you try to sift through the positions that actually apply to your skill set. At Express Employment Professionals, we will do the sifting for you. Instead of you having to muddle through many irrelevant job openings, we will take the time to assess your skills to help you find the perfect fit. We will also take specific needs, such as flexible schedules or certain benefits, into consideration when searching for your new position. In addition, we also offer assistance in polishing your interviewing skills and tips for writing a better resume. You can participate in our training and testing programs to help improve the skills you already have. If you would like to learn new skills, we can help with that too! A new skill set can help make you more of a contender for the job you really desire.

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No Fees

Many staffing agencies in Memphis charge fees or take money from your salary once they find you a job. With Express Employment Professionals, there are no fees! We can assist you in finding the right job at no cost to you. Contact our professionals today to learn more!